14 October 2014

Getting to know...Shelagh the Boutique Owner!

Hi everyone! Hope you had a good weekend!

This week we are taking over 'Torbay People' on Twitter (@TorbayPeople) to promote the bay and find out what treasures we have here! We have decided to do an interview a day...to get to know the people in our bay a little better! Our second interview of the week is with Shelagh from 'It's all about Me', children's boutique based on Middle Street, Brixham!

Hi Shelagh!

We already know you a little bit, as we stock our products with you, but we don't really 

know that much about you, and we are extremely nosey, so be ready for our questions! 

*Shines torch in Shelaghs face*....

So...when did you decide to work for yourself and open ‘It’s All About Me?’ How did you make it all happen?
'I opened It’s All About Me on 1st July 2010 after a series of random events led me to Brixham!
I took a risk jumped in with both feet and here I am! I spent hours researching suppliers and talking to other business owners. It’s been a rollercoaster ride with some wobbles but I haven’t looked back and wouldn’t change a thing'.

Flossy and Jim products are available at the shop! (Blatant plug for us, we know!)

What do you love most about working at ‘It’s All About Me?’

'Making my own decisions, good or bad, it’s down to me and that’s just how I like it. I also love my customers, local and regular returning tourists, they’re loyal, funny and love to share their family events and stories with me'. 

We heard a rumour that you had a celebrity customer....can you tell us more, or are you sworn to secrecy?

'Erm….can mention one, Kerry Katona! I made a dress for her new baby daughter. Can’t really say anymore than that but it has been very interesting and exciting'.

Wow! Thats amazing! What has been the hardest thing about working for yourself?

'Energy levels, and keeping myself motivated. But a bar of chocolate or a cappuccino normally sorts me out'.

The boutique has the most beautiful and unique products for babies and children!

Haha! We know the feeling! Who is your role model, and why?
'Mmmm a role model…I suppose that would be my Nan, sadly no longer around, but she always encouraged me from a little girl to work hard and be proud of myself. She was a grafter and never complained'.

If you were Queen of Torbay for one day, what would you do and why?

'I would make Middle Street the Centre of the Universe for shopping and try and carry it on after my Queen-ship was over.'

Is there anything you are scared of?

'I am scared of the wind and I don’t like heights. I nearly got blown off a cliff once the wind was so strong it took me and my little legs racing towards the edge……so double whammy, high cliff and high wind = scared me'

Shelaghs' Beautiful Boutique!

If you could teleport your shop anywhere in the world, where would you go?

'I’d love to be in ‘Storybrooke’ – if anyone watches ABC’s Once Upon A Time series, they will understand.
But in the real world it would have to be somewhere in Andalucia….I just fancy driving over some lemons.' ;)

Tell us a random fact about you!
'I’m left handed.'

A very cool customer!

Where would you like to be in five years time?

'If not still here; then I think I would like to be in a van travelling through France/Spain.'

What colour socks are you wearing today?


Wait....do they do this in our size?!

We love Torbay for it’s crab sandwiches…what is your favorite thing about living in Torbay?

'Access to the stunning scenery, and the ocean within minutes, bliss…..'

Totally agree Shelagh! It has been great getting to know you a bit better...we want to live in Andalucia too! Maybe when we are all millionaires we could buy ourselves a big castle there and eat lemon meringue pie!

So...that was our interview with Shelagh....what a lovely lady!  
Who will we be getting to know next.....oooh....it's so exciting! Stay tuned! X