16 October 2014

Getting to know...Peter the Printer!


This week we are taking over 'Torbay People' on Twitter (@TorbayPeople) to promote the bay and find out what treasures we have here! We have decided to do an interview a day...to get to know the people in our bay a little better! Our fifth interview of the week is with Peter from the 'Manor Print Shop', in Preston. Peter is a very good printers...(we use him for all of our printing!)

Hi Peter!

We are excited to get to know you! We hope you are ready for our interrogation...

*Shines torch in Peters face*....

So, Peter, how did Manor Print come about?

'We opened the shop in December 2005. After 23 years working in a Bank I was keen for a change and a good friend of mine who owns a sign shop thought it would be a great idea as a lot of his customers also needed the type of printing we would provide. Originally it was just myself in the office, Theresa came into the business about 5 years later following a redundancy.'

A jumbo size printer...a bit like the one Peter uses! 

What do you love most about working for yourself?

'The best thing about working for yourself is the freedom to make your own decisions.  We decide on the products we want to sell, the hours we want to work, the type of equipment which suits us best. Nobody sets any targets for us which is what I hated most in the Bank!  If the suns out and we are quiet we can take a few hours off, but if we are busy we can decide to come in early or work late to get up straight.'

If you were a type of paper, what would you be?  

'Tricky one this!  Probably a smooth bright white paper. I like printing bright colours and I think I’ve got a pretty cheery personality.'

What is the hardest thing about working for yourself? 

'The hardest thing about working for yourself is probably feeling guilty about taking time off for holidays.  We like to keep the shop open every working day, for the first seven years I opened Monday to Friday from January to mid-December before taking a break.  We now try and take a few days around June to re-charge our batteries but it’s not quite the same as having 5 weeks a year when I was employed.'

The Manor Print Shop is in Preston....right near this amazing happy beach!

Who is your role model?

'It would probably be my old Chemistry teacher at school. Not only was he a great teacher and fun to be with, he managed to cram in a full weeks work but took loads of activities outside of School. He would take pupils up to Dartmoor for Ten Tors, took an interest in sports like my favourite sport Badminton and was generally a really positive person to be around.'

If you were allowed three wishes, what would you wish for? 

'1) Health - I love playing sport so I hope I am still healthy enough to be playing Badminton and Tennis into my Seventies. (I’m 50 now and have been playing both now for over 30years)
2) Our son, Steven is 20 now and doing a really hard Physics degree at Exeter University. I really hope he gets a great job at the end of it – he deserves it for all the hard work he is putting in.
3) Retirement – I would love to be able to travel more when we finish work and go to some of the great sporting events around the world.'

Is there anything you are scared of?

'...apart from my wife? I don’t really like heights, looking down from on top of a cliff or going too high up a ladder.'

Peter prints all of our signs for the Markets! How magnificent they look too!

We heard that you recently went for a fly in a hot air balloon! How was that?

'The Hot Air Balloon flight. Ironic that really, for my 50th earlier this year a group of friends from my badminton club bought this as a present. Theresa had to tell me about it beforehand to make sure I would go! It took 5 attempts to actually go as the weather conditions have to be just right but when we actually got there it was great. We went up about 7.30am on a lovely sunny morning in August and flew about 20 miles in an hour and a quarter from Exeter to Tiverton. Rising up from the ground was the worst for me, but when we were right up in the air it was great- probably when the Champagne kicked in!'

Tell us a random fact about you!

'A random fact? Well I was born in Singapore and spent most of my first 6 years out there as my father was in the Royal Marines and based in the Far East for about 10 years.'

Wow! Where would you like to be in five years time?

'In five years’ time – I’d be quite happy still here thinking another 5 years I’ll have earned my retirement!'

Nice! What colour socks are you wearing today?

Peter also prints all of our cards! What would we do without him?!

'My socks today are black.'

We love Torbay - we feel very lucky to live here! Why do you love Torbay?

'We love Torbay for many reasons. Probably as much as anything for the climate. It’s just great to be able to spend so much time outdoors in the evenings and weekends especially as we love spending time on the Tennis court.'

All of our prints, are also printed by the one and only Peter and his lovely wife Theresa!

'Can you turn the flashlight off now – think I’m getting a headache.'

Ooops....sorry Pete! Great to get to know you better, and thank you so much for all of your amazing printing skills! We think you rock!

If you want to find out more about Peter and his amazing printers, he has a website!  http://www.manorprintshop.co.uk/ 

Tomorrow will be our last interview *sob!*.....make sure you tune in! X