16 October 2014

Getting to know...Mark & Sarah who do too much to mention in this title!

Hi everyone! How is it Thursday already!?

As you should know by now, this week we are taking over 'Torbay People' on Twitter (@TorbayPeople) to promote the bay and find out what treasures we have here! We have decided to do an interview a day...to get to know the people in our bay a little better! Our fourth interview of the week is with Mark and Sarah, who have organised a brand new Pop Up Market in Torquay - with funky live music, amazing market stalls with artists, handmade creations, vintage, kitsch, eclectic, amazing and unique products, a retro style cafe with the most amazing cakes you have ever seen, and an amazing atmosphere, all inside the Torquay Town Hall! Aside from this, they are also Burlesque event organisers and artists themselves! *Phew!*  

Mark and Sarah! Thank you so much for taking the time for our interview!

We already know you a little bit, as we are a part of the new and amazing Torquay Market, but we are extremely nosey and we need to get to know you better! We hope you are ready for our questions! 

*Shines torch in Mark and Sarah's faces*....

The amazing Mark and Sarah!

When and why did you decide to set up the ‘Torquay Pop Up Market?’

'We had run Pop Up events before with a vintage slant and they had been successful but we wanted to do something that brought together a wider range of the community with an emphasis on the arts because Mark is an artist. We have had outlets in the town centre and one of the things that made us despondent was footfall – people just weren’t coming into town because there wasn’t enough to draw them in. Sarah had been to a series of meetings about Torbay’s Cultural Strategy and after the last one we decided that rather than wait for something to happen we were just going to do what we have done before and make it happen ourselves! We feel that Torquay needs and deserves something that evolves and grows into something that people want to come into town for.'

Amazing stuff! What do you love most about the market?

'We love the enthusiasm of the stall holders who see this as a good opportunity to make a difference in the town centre. We want this market to become much more than it is – we would like to add local food producers and more artists.'

If you could teleport the market anywhere in the world, where would you take it?

'We would teleport the Town Hall into the centre of the town – it’s really hard to get people to walk an extra 200 metres!'

Haha! What has been the hardest thing about organising and setting up a new Market?

'Absolutely the hardest thing is to get people through the doors – the actual organisation & set up is easy – but getting people to come to events can be so frustrating! For our first market we had street entertainers outside and people were literally crossing the road to avoid contact with them – it’s very difficult here in Torbay to encourage people to try something new but we know that the people are here because our evening events are so successful – it’s just a challenge to persuade them to give something a go.'

Who are your role models, and why?

I think Mark and Sarah are our new role models! Love them! 

'We don’t have specific role models – but we like people who are doers, who are not afraid to be themselves and who have integrity.'

If you had three wishes, what would they be? (…and no you can’t ask for more wishes!)

'Ok – wish number one would be that we had our own venue so we could do all the things we do under one roof, perhaps someone could give us the Riviera Centre and we’ll make it super-groovy and a beacon for the Bay! Wish number 2 would be that people would care less about celebrity culture, trash TV and buying crap from China and more about what’s on their doorstep and in their own community. Wish number 3 would be that more people would realise that everything we do impacts all around us and that everyone can make a difference.' 

Cool wishes! Is there anything you are scared of?

Mark and Sarah AKA Kinky and Quirky!

'Sarah is scared of spiders and gravy – Mark is scared of wasps'

Gravy?! What with setting up this new market, your burlesque event organising (Kinky and Quirky), and your art business (A kick up the Arts)…you must be so busy! What do you do to relax?

The family!

'We actually like fairly simplistic things – so a relaxing day for us is a day on the beach with our kids, a long walk, eating nice food – we are very lucky to live here where so much stuff is all available free – one of the joys of being self employed is that we can enjoy a day in the sunshine if we’re prepared to work in the evenings!'

Tell us a random fact about you!

'Sarah worked as a waitress in Paris Texas – Mark worked as a body painter at a nightclub in Greece.'

Wow! Was not expecting that! Where would you like to be in five years time?

The arty side of Mark and Sarah...these are Marks paintings!

'That’s a great question – if you’d have asked us this 5 years ago there is no way we would have said we would be where we are now! We would really love to have our own venue here in Torbay and that’s something we’re working towards – Mark would like more time to paint so it would be great if we could be in a position where we had something going that was financially stable so that we could explore more creative opportunities.'

What colour socks are you wearing today?

'Sarah is wearing black socks with red roses on – Mark just plain black.' 

Mmm...classy! We love Torbay for its fish and chips…what is your favourite thing about living in Torbay?

'The coastal walks for sure – the space and drama of our coastline is amazing – whenever we feel like we need inspiration we go and stand on Daddyhole Plain and look out over the Bay.We have both felt unrestricted since we moved here perhaps that sense of limitless comes from living by the sea…….'

We couldn't agree with you more there...we are very lucky to live here.

If you want to find out more about the Fabulous Pop Up Torquay Market, there is a Facebook page you can join! https://www.facebook.com/popuptorquay?fref=ts

The next market is on the 1st November, Torquay Town Hall....it's going to be a great day! Be a part of it! Come along! 

Will be back tomorrow to shine our torch in someone else's face! Have a great day! X