13 October 2014

Getting to know...Dan the Cafe Owner!

Hi everyone! Hope you had a good weekend!

This week we are taking over 'Torbay People' on Twitter (@TorbayPeople) to promote the bay and find out what treasures we have here! We have decided to do an interview a day...to get to know the people in our bay a little better! We start the week off with Dan from the 'Bay Coffee and Cake Company', based on Bolton Street, Brixham!

Hey Dan!

Thank you so much for our ‘Beardaccinos!’ They taste amazing!

'Hey guys, you're welcome!'

The famous 'Beardaccino!'

*Flashes torchlight in face* – Here comes the interview….

When did you decide to work for yourself and open ‘Bay Coffee and Cake Company?’ How did you make it all happen?

'Ever since running the catering side of things at The Dartmouth steam Railway & Riverboat Company I thought it was something to do, it was just a case of finding the right 'thing!' I've known John from Bay Coffee Co for a few years now and with his help we set up my beautiful coffee shop!'

Dan and his amazing family outside their business! - Flossy and Jim styleee!

What do you love most about working at the ‘Bay Coffee and Cake Company?’

'Everything, I love the hard work, I love making excellent coffee, I love my customers, the witty banter and the even the not so witty banter! And of course being a chef by trade I love making the finest Brownie known to town!'

This is a photo of Dan's pies...not in fact a brownie....

Jim is a good cook, but Flossy burns stuff all the time. When did you last burn something?

'In the chef world it's known as caramelised ;) And I burnt my arm a couple years ago on a gas flame!'

Ouch! What has been the hardest thing about working for yourself?

'Not spending anytime with my beautiful family! It's a long term project so it's a sacrifice I have to make but that is definitely the hardest.' 

We love your beard (obvs)…what made you grow it? Are there any forest animals living inside it?

'I have a small Chihuahua who lives in my beard.. I grew it as I have a round face with a double chin so I thought it was the best way to cover up, it just happens to look really awesome!'

Coffee and Cake...it does what it says on the tin cafe....

Who is your role model, and why?

'I don't really have one, everything I do is for my family so them!'

Awww! If you were a ‘Bay Coffee Cake’, what would you be and why?

'I would be a Chocolate Brownie and a Piccolo Latte - it's how I roll!'

Is there anything you are scared of?

'Spiders!! and my future wife..'

Dan's homemade cooking...he is currently making soup everyday on the premises! 

Tell us a random fact about you!

'I cooked for the late great Rik Mayall!'

Wowsers! That's amazing! Where would you like to be in five years time?

'Maybe another shop, or just to grow my brand within one shop?!' 

What colour socks are you wearing today?

'Miserable brown thermal, it's cold when I start work!'

We love Torbay for its palm trees on roundabouts…what is your favorite thing about living in Torbay?

'I'm a born and bred Brixham boy so I love owning my shop in my home town! And of course the amazing scenery!'


Thank you Dan!

'Cheers dudes, I love you!'

We love you tooooo! X