30 October 2014

The day we cracked codes...ninja style!

Today I learnt how to add a Pinterest 'Pin it' hover button to my blog. I now actually feel like some sort of master of HTML and coding. I may have to walk around in a black ninja costume with matching headscarf. I'm pretty chuffed with myself. 

Apparently, doing this to your blog can make a big difference to the traffic to your other sites, so I thought it would be worth a go!

Hey! Check it out! Hover over the picture of Olive.....now you can pin my images!

Pin me! Pin me! (Not literally!)

If you are like me, and not very good at this sort of thing...I can tell you how I did it in normal talk. 

1. Go to blogger template

2. Edit HTML

3. Find the word (/body) - not (t.body)

4. Left click before the word

5. Enter the widget code, in this case...

6. Save!

That was literally it! This took me about two hours to figure out, so hopefully I may have helped someone do it quicker.

Well, that was a very geeky post if I do say so myself.