3 October 2014

A Happy Autumn!

So...it's officially Autumn. The nights are drawing in, and the leaves are falling off the tree's. If I'm honest, this time of year I start to feel a 'bit cheesed off', as my dad would say. I don't like the cold weather and I don't like the dark. I sometimes wish I could be a hedgehog, so I could go to bed with a load of biscuits, and not get up again until it's sunny. With this in mind, I have found some amazing winter items that will get us all prepared for the colder weather, with a smile on our face!

These amazing mittens would make me smile on a cold day! Available from ETSY - 
Mittens for the men! That's what I'm talking about! Available from ETSY - 

Keep your bonce warm...and hide those bad hair days! Available from ETSY - 

Men in bobble hats. Cor. Available from ETSY - cou

Keep warm with leg warmers! Not just for five year olds and ballerinas! Available from ETSY - 

Big fat socks for the men (which the girls can 'borrow') Available from ETSY - 

If all else fails to make you smile...a big bowl of mashed potatoes will cheer anyone up!

We hope your Autumn is a good one! X