7 September 2014

Summer Fun!

So today is officially the last day of the summer holidays. Boohoo / Yippee (not sure). Today we are packing school bags, making lunch boxes and polishing shoes all ready for the first day back. 

When the summer holidays began seven weeks ago, we made a bucket list of things we wanted to do...and we did them all! *High five to our smug-selves*

We went on our first ever camping holiday...

...which involved wearing dodgy clothing and socks and sandals. 

Our little campsite!

We had a summer of finding the biggest and most hairiest caterpillars!

We finally got to bring our puppy home!

So we had a 'welcome home puppy' party with a chocolate cake, balloons and some lovely friends! Olive got lots of new toys and was very excited!

Our hairy child

We caught Olive taking a 'selfie'

We had hours of fun putting Olive in a bag...she had hours of fun chewing up the bag!

We spent many days at the beach...

...and at the pier, playing on the amusements...losing all our 2p's on the 2p machine. We did win a dodgy keyring though! Whoop!

We took a 'selfie' to compete with Olive.

Quality girl time complete with sandy hands...

*Sad newsflash* - Pearl the budgie escaped from her cage and flew away. Our other budgie Dean seems to be happier now...we are doubting whether the budgies were ever truly in love. We imagine that Pearl is laying on a beach in France with a cocktail or maybe even a cockatiel!

We had lots of days out around Devon, which involved stopping a lot to eat chips and cake. Why do children eat so much...anyone would think they are growing! ;)

We also had a bucket list of skills to learn this summer, and the kids learnt to tie their laces, perfect their bike riding skills, tell the time, times tables and 11+ training. They also learnt how to iron, use a key in a door and cook a meal! Woohoo!

It wasn't all play for us either, as we still had to find some time to work and do the markets. We still managed to have lots of fun though, and the kids enjoyed helping us on the market and spending any money we made!

We also started at a new market in Torquay!

We went to Cornwall with Jim's mum and had lunch at a posh hotel.

Jim baked a lemon meringue pie which was amazing!

He also baked a shed! Then we painted a seagull on it.

We went to London for some noodles and to take in all the culture look around the shops.

We went dolphin spotting a lot, with lots of nice picnics and chats. We never saw any dolphins though, although we did see some toxic waste and a grey seal.

Oooh....and how can we forget the giant watermelon. The heaviest watermelon on the planet. That was number 3 on the bucket list of things to do...'Eat a giant watermelon'. Job done.

On rainy days, (summer is never that sunny is it?) we stayed in our little cinema room and pretended we were on rollercoasters / in space / under the sea. We love our little projector!

We hope you had a good summer whatever you did! How does seven weeks fly by so fast? X