9 September 2014

Sorry I can't take your call...my phone is at the bottom of the sea.

Terrible news! I dropped my mobile phone in the sea! My mobile is also my camera for my blog and for my business so I'm so sad! My phone is currently in a bag of rice as instructed by the phone shop...and I am now waiting for a replacement phone to be sent. Doh!

So...this blog will be a short one, as I only managed to upload the first few photos before the 'terrible phone in sea' incident.

The day started off amazingly! We went kayaking...Jim has been before, but this was my first time. We kayaked around Brixham harbour and marina before going up the breakwater to see the spooky old building in the sea (I took such amazing photos for you! *Sob!*) Then we set off across the bay to a secret cove, then we came back across the bay and to our local beach! It was quite choppy and I got a bit scared when I saw the RNLI rib boat come past us! They were actually going out to some other kayakers who had capsized! (Gulp!)

We finally arrived safely at the beach, feeling like superheroes, then 'plop' - in goes my phone into the water. 

Anyway...in the meantime...here are some photos I DID manage to take! We will just have to go out and take some more photos now! Any excuse to go out and have fun again!

Our kayaks on the beach

Heading into the Marina

Jim by the lifeboat

Brixham harbour...it was low tide, and we saw loads of little fish swimming under us...and a crab....oh, and a few beer cans.

Our friend saw us on the beach and took a photo! Maybe she can be our photographer from now on! ;)

See you soon! We should be back up and running by the weekend! Have a good week! X