28 September 2014

Our weekend!


Here is a round-up of our weekend shenanigans! 

Olive went for her first cafe experience...
...Oooh! Nice cappuccinoooo!
We also took Olive for her first walk to the beach!

It was nice to get out in the fresh air, especially as we have been stuck in working very hard for Kai's 11+ exams...he took his last exam this Saturday, so we are all very happy it is over!

Olive's first dip in the sea.

Jim living life dangerously.

Kaitlin and Olive being all 'ghetto' at the Fish Market.

We walked all along the coastal path, through the woods and discovered some lovely little coves. Little Olive walked about five miles off her lead! Not bad for one of her first walks!

Whilst in the woods, we heard shouting, and came across some people dressed up as knights and princesses...then someone shouted 'run away or I will send a troll after you'...so we walked away quite fast.

We found a dying crab on the beach, so we threw him back in the sea...i'm not sure if that was helpful or not. He really ponged and he didn't look too happy.

Olive sniffed a lot of things on the walk. We wondered whether dogs can pull a nose muscle?

Then finally...Jim looked a bit insane in the kitchen...maybe all the fresh air got to him?

Back to work tomorrow...I've got lots to do including three commissions for family portraits, including drawing a parrot and a chihuahua...*fist pump* I'm so happy! I love my job! 

I'm thinking about bringing out a chihuahua range called 'chihua-wow!' - what do you think?

Anyhoo....hope you had a good weekend! Let me know what you got up to! If you have a blog too - link up, it will be great to hear what you have been up to! 

Peace, Love and all that Pavalova! X