22 September 2014

Our Weekend!

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? Hope you had a good one! 

We had such a lovely weekend! My brother and his girlfriend came over from Dublin! The last time I saw my brother was at Christmas, so we had a lot to catch up on. I also got to meet his lovely girlfriend Deargh, who was lovely! She has a lovely irish accent and amazing red wavy hair...I felt like a farmer when I spoke to her with my 'oo-ar' wiltshire accent.

We had a great time...we chilled out and had lots of cups of tea, chats and biscuits. We went to Totnes for a look around, and had fish and chips at Berryhead cliff, while dolphin spotting! We went for a nice relaxing walk along the harbour and the coastal path and spotted some shoals of fish swimming alongside us.

The weekend went way too fast, and I'm sure it's the puppies fault, as she tends to steal time by hugging you into some-sort of furry coma....

We had fish and chips on Berryhead cliff and we saw dolphins! (At laaaaast!)
Jim and Kaitlin having a chat
The 'Golden Hind' ship in Brixham harbour
Something must have been funny...or maybe we were still in furry coma's...
Kaitlin walking off her fish and chips
Olive enjoyed spending time with her Auntie and Uncle and gave them lots of hairy hugs and kisses
Jay and Deargh!
Now it's monday...and it's back to reality and back to work! Olive is doing her best to stop the work and have more fun though...!