6 September 2014

My brother wears a leotard...

My brother has recently announced to his friends and family that he is a 'Man'. Weird right?

My brother

This statement might seem pretty obvious... but my brother was born in a girls body. 

My brother has always been labelled as my sister. I remember when we were younger, our parents used to dress us up in matching pretty dresses for special occasions. I used to love it and I couldn't wait to dress up....however I always felt bad when I saw my 'sisters' face. I knew his heart was sinking and that something didn't feel right. Why is he wearing girls clothing, when he is a boy? My parents were brilliant, and noticed early on. My brothers pretty dresses soon got changed into brown corduroy dungaree's and jeans. I used to play with my teddies and borrow my mums make up....he was always digging up worms in the garden and playing football. When we were little we used to rein-act our favourite films. I was always a 'pink lady' in Grease, and he was always a 'T Bird'. I was always 'Baby' from Dirty Dancing and he was always 'Johnny' - (in a non-incest way), that was just obvious to us....Although it never ended too well, when we did the final dance scene and I launched myself at him to catch me mid air....

Me and my brother in Spain

My 'sister' shaved his head for charity as a teenager...everyone thought he was really brave...I knew it was an excuse to shave his head. On his nineteenth birthday we went out for some drinks to celebrate. He turned up in a skirt. It looked weird. Very weird. He was trying to 'be a girl'....and failing. Throughout our teenage years I watched his frustrations grow, as his body cruelly changed and he developed a woman's body. He lashed out at people, he punched walls, he drank...alot. It was horrible. I have never seen my 'sister' truly happy, and this breaks my heart. My brother has always been there for everyone. Even when he is having a bad time, he will cover it up and be there for everyone else. He is always listening to peoples problems and will do whatever he can to 'fix' everyone else. I'm glad he is finally taking the time to fix himself. 

Us in London eating tapas (probably pretending to be in Spain)

I'm so proud of my brother, and of our friends and family who have been extremely supportive. I know one day my brother will be truly happy... I look forward to the day he can finally lift me over his head, 'dirty dancing stylee'....maybe we will put it on youtube! 

To read my brothers story, please follow the link.... http://www.gofundme.com/leotard