29 September 2014

Me and You!

It has literally been ageeees since we have done a 'Me and You' post! We were meant to do one every month as part of a 'Me and You' project, but it would seem someone has taken over our lives lately....yes 'Olive'....we are talking to you.

Who?! Me?! 

However, looking back over the last couple of months, it seems we have done quite a lot! We have worked hard as usual with Flossy and Jim...

The Torquay Market...we are there again this Saturday and offering brand new products and services!

...but the best bit is, we have finally got around to kayaking, which has been amazing! It has opened up a whole new world (quite literally), and to be out in the middle of the sea, just us two has been pretty amazing. It feels like total escapism, and as though we are on our own little planet...complete with dead crabs floating by!

Excited 'about to go kayaking' faces...

Our amazing little mini that takes not one, but TWO kayaks on it's roof. Super mini!

Us in the kayaks...heading towards Paignton Pier!

Action shot number one...

Action shot number two!

I don't think I would have ever kayaked before I had met Jim...I wonder what else we might end up doing? I'm going to stop typing now as my arms hurt from all the rowing....until next time....Ta-Ra! X

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