26 September 2014

Flossy, Jim, Millie and Me!

Yippee! We are very excited here at 'Flossy and Jim HQ', as one of our illustrations is going to be featured in a weekly column for the 'Herald Express' newspaper! 

The illustration is of Sophie, who runs 'Millie and Me' cafe in Brixham, she is a really lovely lady, and I'm jealous of her scarf collection....she seems to wear an amazing new scarf everyday! 'Millie and Me' is a family run local cafe, and you can always be sure of a friendly face and an amazing cappuccinooooo! (They put actual chocolate on top...not that manky chocolate salty stuff...what is with that stuff?!!)

If you have tried to buy a newspaper this week and found there was none in stock, it might be because we bought them all in excitement. ;)