1 September 2014

Brand spanking new market!

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a good weekend. As you will know, we had a stall at the Pop Up Indie Market in Torquay!

This is a brand new and very funky market! If you are local or coming to the area, you must pop in. (I'm not just saying that because we are there, although that is another reason to come!) ;)

The day went amazingly well. The town hall was a beautiful building, which I had never been in before. There was music playing all day, along with a live band at midday. Every single stall in the market had the most amazing products from vintage clothes and products, sweets shops, artwork,...too many to mention on here, but I have picked a few of my personal faves! 

We met some lovely people, and had a great day! The next market is on the 4th October, so put it in your diary!

Our stall!

The market traders getting ready...

Our 'market neighbour' Theresa Shaw. She produces beautiful artwork and merchandise. http://theresashaw.weebly.com/

At 11am there was live music played by the 'Hot House Four' - Fantastic music which got everyone dancing (especially the kids!)  www.thehothousefour.com

There was a cafe in the market run by our friend Emma! She runs 'Ladybug cake company', which produces amazing, happy and colourful cupcakes! By the time we got there alot had been eaten! Check out her facebook page, I guarantee it will make you smile with her colourful creations and retro kitchy feel. 

Cupcake Heaven!

There were plenty of wonderful stalls to look around, and I found I was spending all my takings, which was not my intention for the day! *Waves fist at fellow market traders* I just had to buy some beautiful wood blocks from 'Clark & Robinson' . You can find their products at: https://www.facebook.com/ClarkAndRobinson

We also couldn't help ourselves and bought this amazing art print from 'A kick up the arts.' Mark Bell who does the artwork helped to organise the market along with Sarah Bell. They are a lovely couple, and gave us the most warmest welcome to the market. We have always wanted some artwork from them, and now we have - yippee! http://www.akickupthearts.com/

Another stall that caught my eye... a vintage sweet shop! The sweets are beautifully packaged in stripey paper bags with hand stamped labels... just how sweets should be packaged! The stall holders were so lovely - they even gave us some sweets to try. (Officially best friends now)

We were visited by some street entertainers during the day who were driving people up through the town up to the market. As the market was brand new, they did a really good job in getting people through the doors! We loved their furry friends! We thought they suited our stall very well!

Our lovely friend Jo from 'Rose Red' was also next to us at the market. We do markets together in Brixham, but we never get to see each other as we are either 1. Holding down our marquee's in the wind, or 2. Too far away from eachother to chat. So to be able to chat and see each others products was great fun. Jo is very talented at producing cushions, bags, pictures...I could have easily spent more money on her stall but I had to put my blinkers on instead! You should check out her products: http://www.madebyrosered.co.uk/

Until next time...over and out!

If you would like to come and have a look around the next market (maybe start your Christmas shopping in style!) - the next one is on Saturday 4th October at the Torquay Town Hall, Castle Circus in Torquay! We would love to see you there!