22 August 2014

Surf dudes and talking mice...

Hola! Last week we decided to take a day trip to the land of the pasties - Cornwall! Jim's mum came with us too and we had a great day! We hired a car for the day as the mini is a bit bumpy on Cornish roads, and we pretended we were posh and modern for the day! We decided to go to Fistral Beach in Newquay as Jim used to work there years ago, so he showed us where he used to work, and we also found Jamie Olivers '15' restaurant. On the way we googled how much he is worth, and it turns out....£150 million! Say whaaaaat!

We had a lovely walk on the beach and stopped at the Headland Hotel for some lunch. It was very lovely and the napkin was really good quality...so good we took the napkins with us. We sat outside and it was a bit windy but we didn't care because we are hard. The hotel was the hotel where the film 'The Witches' was filmed...it was really exciting to be there. We looked out for talking mice but we didn't see any. 

We then went for a walk on the beach and the waves were quite high, and there were a few surf dudes on the beach. Jim found a red plastic trawler box on the beach so put it in the car to take home, to turn into a wheelbarrow type thing. We had a chat about catching razor clams and then walked back to the car as it was quite cold.

Next time I go to Cornwall I have decided I'm going to be a pro-surfer chick and look like this. (See above). I don't really like getting my face wet though, so might have to wear a balaclava.

Hope you had a good week whatever you got up to, and have a great weekend! X