27 August 2014

Pop Up Torquay!

This week we are busy getting ready for the brand new and amazingly funky Torquay market! There will be arts, crafts, food, vintage, clothes, live music and lots more! We are very excited! 

Getting on with work for the market has been quite troublesome this week, as 'HRH...Her Royal Hairiness - Olive', likes to grab envelopes / pieces of ribbon / pencils / anything I might need... and run off around the house with it. I just found my favourite 2B pencil buried in the back garden. 

So don't forget! Torquay market - THIS SATURDAY! Don't be a silly wombat! Don't miss it! If you are in the area it is definitely worth popping by, having a look around the fabulous stalls and soaking up some amazing atmosphere!