21 August 2014

Pimp my Shed!

We decided to extend our house, by buying a bike shed. If Jim has enough of me, he says I can live it. Charming.

The shed arrived last week, and Jim set to work building it. 

Half way through building, I decided I better help. I started moving some giant flower pots across the garden so Jim had more space to work. Whilst doing this I was also chatting to our neighbour, and proceeded to slam my thumb inbetween two giant and very heavy flower pots.

It really hurt. Alot. I later had to go to A & E and they confirmed I had broke my thumb. I was literally helping for 30 seconds. (The things I do, to get out of DIY) ;)

Jim finished building the shed and it is brill! We decided it looked a bit boring though, so today we painted a giant seagull on it. We decided to make him look slightly 'gangstaaa', as he has a heavy duty security chain though his neck, so we completed his look with a dollar medallion. Brap-arp-arp-arp! 

The bike shed as advertised in the brochure...

Jim building the shed

The shed and my broken thumb

The finished shed!

Pimp my shed!