19 August 2014


Hi everyone! Hope you are all well. We have not posted on here for so long...it feels a bit strange coming back! We have been away on lots of adventures, as in the UK, all the children are off school for their summer holidays! We are back now though, and back in full swing! Our latest adventure took us to Laaaandaaaaaan town! (AKA 'London', but you can't help but say it this way!) On the way, we avoided the holiday traffic on the motorway and went on the A303 straight past Stonehenge! It was a beautiful drive through the countryside and took us straight to our hotel. We always stay in the Jury's Inn at Heathrow as you get to see all the aircraft land and take off from your window, and the tube station is literally a five minute walk away! Perfect!


Our hotel room...very aircrafty!
The view from our room!

Jim watching the planes...he stayed like this for about four hours...

We now have a 'London tradition', where we always go straight to Leicester Square and get caramelised chicken noodles with a beer for breakfast. It is sooooo yum.

'Noodle Stop' in Leicester Square.

Bowing down to the amazing noodles.

After our noodles, we always head to Camden Market. We always intend to take a boat trip down little Italy, but we always seem to get too distracted by all the stalls and all the lovely food.


Looking around 'The Stables'

I have to admit I have a love / hate relationship with London. I long to go there for the excitement and the buzzy atmosphere, however, I always feel on the edge of a panic attack when I actually get there. It is so crazy busy and fast moving, I find it all a bit overwhelming at times. I think moving out of a town, and to the seaside has turned me into some sort of crazy old lady. Sitting still, and having a coffee seems to be the best answer, as you can stop, breathe and just take it all in from a distance. We stopped at quite a few places for a drink and to sample all the lovely food!

We stopped at a cuban cafe for tapas and to watch all the people.

People watching!

Ruby Dock Cafe...which sells THE best cakes. Eveeeer.

We had a toasted banana cake, a peanut cookie, a coconut and mango cake AND a lemon polenta cake. We take cake eating very seriously.

We found this amazing pet boutique in Camden, so had a look around for some bits and bobs for Olive!


We then headed home, as Olive is due to come home tomorrow! I am sure she will calm us down after all the stress and excitement of London....or maybe not! We got a lot of inspiration from London, and have come back full of excitement and ideas for our new products! Better get those sketchbooks out! See you tomorrow for an update on how Olive settles in and how big she has grown! See you tomorrow! X