1 August 2014

Dolphins do my head in.

Did you know we have dolphins in England?! I was quite shocked and inspired by this amazing photo by Chris Slack, of dolphins just five minutes from where we live! We have been on a mission this week to spot some of our own!


Us dolphin spotting...

It is essential to drink tea while dolphin spotting...

No dolphins yet...but we did find some green sludge? The coastguards were inspecting it...

Still no dolphins....

We went back in the evening to spot dolphins, but still no luck...we did spot a lighthouse though!

On the way to dolphin spot...we did find this gigantic 'wish'. 
We wished to spot dolphins...but it never happened. I have images in my head, that as soon I walk away from the sea, they all pop up doing some sort of synchronised swimming show with flags and fireworks. Grr....pesky dolphins. I don't know why i'm so bothered about seeing one anyway...they are actually pretty annoying with their people pleasing happy clappy, eep eep sounds. (Not that I'm bitter about not seeing one)

To cheer myself up, I bought myself some new pens.....oooh.....shiny new pens.....

New sharpies! *dribble*

Sharpies in a biscuit tin, with a dinosaur bodyguard

...and make some shrink plastic jewellery!

I decided to try and make some shrink plastic for a jewellery collection. I drew a sexy wombat and cut him out.

Put him in the oven and he shrank in about five seconds! I didn't realise it would happen this quick and got a bit flustered, I didn't get a chance to take a 'after' photo! I will do some more and show you soon though!

That didn't go too well either. Something that did go right this week, was Olive! She grew again! Like a little hairy flower.

Olive is five weeks old today! Look how much she has grown! She is like a real dawg now!

We also finished a commission and got a load more work! Whoop! Whoop!

We finished a commission for the Bay Coffee Company

We have also been making plans for our next market. It is the Brixham Market's second anniversary, so we planning a surprise! We are very excited!

Market Surprise!

So...that and the camping trip....we have had quite a week! It's been pretty interesting balancing working and entertaining the kiddo's during their summer hols, but I think we are doing OK! Hope you are all good and had a good week too. If you spot any of them bloomin dolphins - let us know! X