26 July 2014

The Gigantic Watermelon!

School has finished! Woohoo! To celebrate we went for a nice bike ride from Brixham to Paignton, it was all going very well....the crickets were chirping, the sun was shining and the sea breeze blowing on our faces....that was until Jim got a puncture. We had to abandon the bike at a local pub and fix it the next day...

Jim mending his flat tyre

Pumping up the tyre

We then sat down with the kids and made a 'bucket list of things to do in the holidays'. The first thing on the list from the kids was 'to buy a watermelon and scoff it'. After all the drama of the previous day, we decided to have a nice relaxing day at Totnes market, and find a watermelon. We love Totnes market as you can find some really quirky stuff, and the atmosphere is always really happy and buzzy?! (Is that a word?)

Totnes Market
There was an 'electro-swing' band playing in the centre of town, and everyone was up singing and dancing. People were also dancing in the road, so the cars had to slow down and go around them!

The band

Random market stall with baby heads! Only £4 each!

Totnes market
It was a really hot sunny day, so we took shelter in a nice cool bookshop. They had a half price sale, so we came out with a massive bag of books! 

Lots of lovely books

I think our family must have been born with built in 'cake radars', as we somehow always manage to find a good cake shop. We stopped for a while to try out some Totnes cake and have a much needed drink. 

Cake stop!

Kaitlin or 'Cake-Lyn', as she is referred to. ;)

Couldn't wait to read their books...little bookworms.

While we were looking around the market we stumbled across this beautiful little cupboard. I loved it so much, I bought it straight away...then realised I had to walk half way across town to put it in the car. The kids also found the biggest and heaviest watermelon on the way back, so it was a bit of a struggle!

New cupboard!

Kaitlin with the very heavy watermelon

Inside the new cupboard

New door knobs we found in 'Gazebo', Totnes. 

Ta Da! 
All in all, a very successful day AND we got our watermelon. The second thing to do on the list is go camping! We have booked a pitch at a campsite in Dartmoor, for our first ever camping experience...wish us luck! We will probably need it. 

Hope you are all having a good summer! What have you been up to? X