19 July 2014

Oh! What a week!

Hello there! Apologies for the lack of posting lately - it's been quite a week! 

Some of our screenprinting essentials!

Here at 'Flossy and Jim HQ' we have decided to set up our own screenprint studio. This way we can give a better quality of care to our customers by being able to offer a unique, handmade and bespoke service. We are very excited, and can't wait to get started! We will keep you updated with our new products once we get up and running!

Jim also decided to set up a cinema in our bedroom with our projector! We had a well deserved chill out one evening, and watched some episodes of Mr Benn and 'Sliding Doors' (a 'Flossy' fave!)

Our 'cinema'

We watched 'youtube' clips of roller-coasters and pretended we were on them...whilst laying on our bed

Mr Benn was not amused

On Thursday evening, there was a big storm, so we sat outside with the budgies to make sure they were OK. (They have never seen a storm before.)

Jim checking the budgies

They didn't seem to care about the thunder and lightening

We were all very brave

We had been stuck in most of the week, building our new studio and working (and hiding from storms), so we ventured out for a ride to Berryhead...

Scooting around!

Berryhead Hotel

Evening sunset through the trees

A moody sea...more storms were on their way

Berryhead lighthouse - 'The shortest lighthouse in Great Britain'

Storm clouds

This week, we also started selling duvet covers with 'Society 6!'  Everyone needs a 'Sexy Wombat' bedspread...surely?! 

Sexy bedtime

Finally...we have an 'Olive' update! Our puppy is now three weeks old, and is getting bigger and furrier! Awwww! 


We hope you had a good week whatever you got up to? Why don't you share your weekly updates with us? We would love to know what you have been up to! (We are very nosey) X