2 July 2014

Marshmallow Nipples

Today was so sunny and beautiful we went for a picnic! We went to the Brixham battery gardens, which were built in 1940, for our coastal defence in the war. It is a really beautiful and interesting place to visit, and it is only a ten minute walk from our house! Bonus!st defence battery built in 1940

Battery Gardens in Brixham

A beautiful sunny day - perfect for a picnic!

The picnic bag

Picnic with a view!

We first tried this lemonade in Camden, London, and everytime we drink it we feel all summery and Italiano!

He asked for it!

Jim thought it would be funny to throw carrots at me. 

We had a walk around the gardens and found this old building which was used in the war, as part of the coastal defence. 

Back to the picnic...mmm summer fruit-tastic!


After stuffing our faces we had a lie down on the picnic blanket.

This is what we saw...

Then I put two marshmallows on Jim's chest to look like giant nipples. 

This is the end of the picnic story.

Goodbye! X