3 July 2014

Bunnies on Bikes...

Hello! How are you? (I'm hoping you are good!)

Today, we went to the Cockington Court Country Park, , which is located in the picturesque area of Torquay and is famous for it's beautiful countryside walks, gardens and things to do.

I discovered Cockington a couple of years ago as a student. I entered a competition to design a new logo for them, and I got to work with an amazing mentor called Carey Marks. He works for 'Scarlet', which is a design agency based in Totnes, and is approved by The Arts Council as "An Approved Supplier of Design Services Nationwide." My logo design won the competition (yippee!), and I then worked alongside Carey and the Torbay Development Agency to re-brand Cockington! 

Cockington really is the most amazing place. If you are ever in the area, you must visit! It is so beautiful and peaceful, with lots to look at and do. There are new craft studios there to look around which are full of unique and talented people. There are also old barn studios with a blacksmith and glass-blower, amongst other things!

I'll stop jabbering on and let you see for yourself...

My winning design, and Cockington's new logo!

Carey Marks from the Scarlet Agency. http://www.scarlet-design.co.uk/

The Game Keepers Cottage at Cockington

* Gigantic Leaf Alert! *

The Pavillion

The old barn studios with happy bunting!

Part of the old barn

Little walkway to the rose gardens

The grounds at Cockington

A beautiful sunny day

Cockington Church and the House

Bunny on a Bike!

Marc Heaton's art was on display at the 'sea-change studios'

Whilst exploring the sea-change studios, we discovered an amazing french artist called Marc Heaton. His work is amazing and so exciting to look at. We went into his studio and it was like being in a really happy cartoon, with quaint french music playing in the background. I could have spent hours in there, but I was a bit scared I might have been given a restraining order, so I left...

The moral of this story is: 1. Go to Cockington if you ever get a chance. 2. Enter competitions. 3. Draw rabbits on bikes while listening to french music....you might enjoy it!

That is all for today! Chat to you again soon! X