30 July 2014

A Tardis, a Cow and a Shooting Star!

So, the 'summer bucket list', devised by the kiddos, was number 2: Go camping...

We worried for a second that we might not get two tents, loads of foam mattress, two roll mats, four sleeping bags, four pillows, games, books, food, tennis rackets, frisbees, teddybears, blankets, bottles of water for us and the car, toiletries, a chair and four people into our mini....but some how we did! Our car is actually a tardis.

We are going camping!

This is where we went! Summerhill Farm Campsite, which is on the edge of Dartmoor, and about a ten minute drive from the town of Ashburton...where we bought our survival supplies (cake)

If you want to go 'glamping' there is ready made marquees set up called 'Primrose Lodge' and 'Bluebell Lodge'

Inside the lodges....oooh. 


We didn't glamp it...although Jim brought along enough foam mattresses we all felt like the Royal Family in our tents.

We found a caterpillar! Kaitlin named him 'Mr Fluffington', and he was super speedy at getting about. Kaitlin thinks he had been working out.

My dodgy / uber trendy (depending on which way you look at it) sock and sandal combo!

The lovely lady who runs the farm made us an amazing cup of tea! Awww! How kind!

After a night of playing frisbee and tennis, we did some 'stargazing'. The kids got very excited when they saw a shooting star! (A plane) 

Soon it was morning and we were awoken by a highland cow trying to get into our tent. How rude!

He was soon told to go away by Mole Security. Phew.

Morning you happy campers!

Camping was so much fun but we had to go home as we had run out of knickers and socks! We can't wait to go camping again!