16 June 2014

Pimp my man cave!

Wow! What a beautiful weekend we had! It would appear that the UK is capable of being sunny! This weekend we have been busy with work, but we also decided to finish off the work in our back garden! We ventured up there after what seems like months...to 'rummage our way though the undergrowth', and hack down weeds to form some sort of path. (It really was that bad.) There was alot of seagull dive bombing and crazy seagull noises when we got to the garden, and when we looked up, we could see why...we have new arrivals on the roof! We wondered why they had been so noisy up there lately!

Baby seagulls!

Baby seagulls again!

The smallest back garden in the world (possibly?!)

Jim in his new man-cave
As you can see our back garden is probably the smallest garden in the world...which is good as we are lazy when it comes to gardening! As long as we have enough space for a chair and a flower pot, we are happy! Jim decided to build a pagoda over the courtyard so that when it rains we can still have barbeques. I knew I loved that man! I have just been on Ebay to buy some bunting so I can pimp up his man cave...I'm sure he will love it! ;) Hope you had a good weekend! X