30 June 2014

Noseyhood Watch Part 2...

Hi there! How are you today? So, I was thinking this afternoon...it has been a long time since we did 'Noseyhood Watch', a little nosey into Flossy and Jim HQ (AKA Our House)! So here are some glimpses into our humble abode. Can you guess which room this is?

Buddha see's everything...

Our lovely green legs from Little Camden in Plymouth!

Hmmm....a seat.


My great nan had this picture in our house, so we copied her.

Robot with boobs (left) Robot with no boobs (right)

Working the 'Hilda Ogden' interior...

Some happy flowers that Jim bought...aw....

Bald? Dentures? Anvil? What?

Ninja Flossy and Jim Kapow!
So....did you guess? Well....the answer is: Our living room! Whoop whoop! X