27 June 2014

My Work Process...

When I get given a brief for a job, a lot of the time, the client wants to know what my work process is...so I thought I would share it here, and show you what goes on behind the scenes of a job!

For this brief we were asked if we might be able to paint another mural for a local business. 
I always give my clients a free no obligation quotation and a mock up of what their job could look like. I do this so they get a good idea of what the finished result could look like, and we can then feedback to each other some ideas, and edit the illustrations accordingly.

The first step, is to always ensure I have enough tea, coffee, biscuits...(drawing power).

1. Always ensure there is tea or coffee nearby. 

2. Sketch out the drawing. This usually takes about three pages of sketchbook, depending on the subject. I then go over the best image with my fave pen - a sharpie fine marker. (I recently found out, that in the other end of this pen, there is another pen secretly located within the tip!) Amazing.

3. I then need to digitally resolve the image, which I do using my macbook pro and a wacom tablet.

4. My image is scanned into the computer.

5. It is then opened in Adobe Photoshop at a file size of 300 dpi, so if needed it can be enlarged to poster size. If the image was for web / digital use, I would open it at 72 dpi.

6. The levels are then adjusted, for a cleaner image.

7. The image is filled with colour using, the eyedropper tool to select the right colours, the paint brush and bucket. I decided on this illustration to amend the fringe and add some ear-rings as I went along.

8. I then added some texture to the hair using the paintbrush in a slightly darker shade than the hair, otherwise my images can end up looking a bit too 'Mr Men-esque'. I like to add texture in alot of my images using the pattern element, but as this is for a mural, I decided against it on this image.
9. Once the image is completed, I enlarge it and digitally clean up the pixels around each line. This is very time consuming, but as the imagery is so simple, it needs to be clean. Also, if the client decided to enlarge the image for a poster, it would look much better on a larger scale. 
A finished character! 

10. I then merged all the layers of the image, and transferred the image onto a photo of the wall it is to be painted onto. As you can see, this wall is a bit tricky, as I had to fit the image around the utility boxes and the drain pipe.

 11. Ta Da! The final mock up image is complete, and I send this to the client, along with any other images needed, timescales and costs!

I then celebrate by having another cup of tea! It's funny working from home, as it's really easy to be lazy and do all the work sitting in your pyjamas, but I do try to put on proper clothes now, so that my brain goes into work mode and I will work harder! 

I hope wherever you are working today...you are having a good day! See you soon! X