3 June 2014

Meals on wheels!

Hello! How are you doing? 

We have been pretty busy this week, juggling mural work, a new Brixham guidebook idea, designing a new clothing range, a woodland animal brief, tax returns and accounts! Wowsers. Yesterday we were pretty pushed for time, so we decided to stop and have our lunch at the side of the road, as we didn't have time to get home and eat, and we were 'starvin' marvin'.

We are very lucky to live near the sea, so pretty much anywhere you pull over, you are guaranteed a beautiful view. We pulled over and had a lovely picnic of chicken sandwiches, sushi and doritos. 

Picnic with a sea-view!

Jim and his soy sauce

The new 'duck face' courtesy of Doritos

Car Picnic!

Auditioning for a Ribena advert


 On a different note, what do you think of our new advertising!? 

This is not an actual real life advert (yet). This was what was set up for us by the advertising agency Exterion Media (http://www.exterionmedia.com/uk/) who specialise in outdoor advertising. Pretty cool hey!? If you are a small business looking for advertising with impact, we would highly recommend them!