25 June 2014

Me & You

Has it really been a month since our last 'Me & You' post?! Blimey! Well, here we are again, and this last month being with Jim has yet again been lovely. Of course. Otherwise we wouldn't be together. Ha!

We have been working hard this month, and have still not got around to kayaking...so I'm making this a priority, and will ensure we have a 'kayak date' very soon! Maybe next month, our 'Me & You' feature, will actually have some photos of us doing something other than working...*fingers crossed* 

The 'Me & You' Project

Flossy and Jim! (That's us)

AKA: Lynette and James

Scooter Time! (My personal happy place)

Duck faces!


This month we also decided to get a puppy (just waiting for it to be born), and we discovered 'Netflix', which has ensured lots of cosy evenings in, watching hour after hour of 'Breaking Bad', and 'Orange is the new Black'. Who says romance is dead?! ;)

Did you take any photos with your partner this month? Why not join in the 'Me & You' project too? 

Love Flossy X