19 June 2014

Flossy and Jim go Stargazing!

Hello! Today we are recovering from being a little bit starstruck! Let me tell you all about it... 

When we were painting the mural a week or so ago, we started chatting to a lovely man called Neil. He said some lovely things about our mural and we had a bit of a chat about doing a mural at his property. Anyway, it turns out Neil is an architect and recently appeared on the TV programme, 'The Restoration Man' on channel 4. Neil and his partner Jacqui bought an old church in Brixham that had been left to ruin, and decided to give it a new lease of life. Neil invited us over to look at his church and have a cup of tea...we were blown away by how beautiful it was. (The church...not the tea. Although the tea was rather lovely.)

Neil, George and Jacqui (central)

This is a shot from the 'Restoration Man' tv show. Neil and Jacqui with the presenter George

The Church as it was...

The outside view of the Church in Brixham.

My favourite part of the re-developed Church - the ceiling. I could have stared at those stars for hours...'looking up to the heavens.'  

Inside the church now...

The inside of the church with glass flooring so you can see down to the room below.

The amazing view from the 'Fisherman's Church.'

A corridor downstairs in the Church, so beautiful and peaceful.

Neil, Jacqui and George...appearing on the 'Restoration Man'.

Neil and Jim discussing the wall for the mural, while I took photos...

The church is such a beautiful property, and when you look back at the photo's of when it was a working church, it gives you goosebumps. The church has a lovely feeling of warmth, character and peacefulness - Neil and Jacqui did an amazing job, in only fifteen months! Neil has asked whether we would paint a mural on the side of the church, so we are currently thinking of some ideas...! How exciting! If you get a chance to watch the episode, it is due to be repeated, so keep an eye out! Its definitely worth a watch! You can also find out more at:  Fishermanschurch.com