20 June 2014

A Snake and a Puppy...

Woohoo! It's sunny (again) and it's the weekend! Can I get a whoop whoop!?

So, today was 'Totnes Friday', which seems to be turning into some sort of tradition, where we go to Totnes...err....on a Friday. Today's highlights were buying a knitted snake, having a raspberry lemonade in the secret garden and accidentally making a face out of chips and sauce. I love it when things like this happen. 

Here are some photos of our day...

Raspberry lemonade...mmm.....

The knitted snake

Rare 'normal face' photo...well, as normal as it gets...

Jim and the snake doing 'duck faces'. Beautiful.

Totnes high street

Totnes high street

The shop where we bought the knitted snake. We also bought a knitted bee from there a month ago.

The secret garden, in the 'Tangerine Cafe'

Potato Poirot

We had a chat whilst in Totnes about what to call our new puppy when it is born. The doggy mum 'Lola' is due to give birth anyday! We have decided to call our puppy Elvis, but his pedigree pretend name will be 'Chester Huffington the Third'. (That is if there are any boy puppies in the litter). If we get a girl puppy, we are going to call her 'Dolly'. 

The breed of puppy we are going to be getting - a shih tzu crossed with a jack russell!

In the words of the cartoon dog 'Snoopy' - 'Today has been a good day!' X