17 May 2014

Work, Rest and Play!

We figured out the other day that we have been working every day for about the last five weeks without a day off. We have also got into the habit of not turning our computers off in the evening and are still writing emails and sorting orders until late at night. We decided the other day, that even though we love what we are doing and are really passionate about what we do….this is not a good situation to be in.
We decided to become self employed so we could be in control of our lives and to gain a good work / life balance. However, this is so much harder to do in practise! We made a pact that we take at least one day off a week from now on, and to turn our computers off at the end of the day…not the end of the evening. We decided that yesterday we would take a day off, so we ventured into Totnes for the day!
It was a beautiful sunny day, and it was very relaxing. We went to Totnes market and brought some little bits and bobs! We found a lovely little cafe garden too and had some raspberry lemonade and some chips. A perfect day! We are feeling much happier today and recharged ready to go again!

A very sunny little cafe garden!

Chips are not the same without mayo. (Fact)

Amazing raspberry lemonade. Yummy.

We brought some new incense sticks - some smell like pipes, and some smell like old lady's knicker draws.

A spanish bottle we purchased for £2.00. Oooh.

My new skirt! £3 bargain with herons on! 

We also found this little knitted bumble bee, which is now floating about in our hallway at home.

The heron skirt fitted perfectly! Whoop!
Are any of you self employed? How do you find striking a work / life balance? We would love to hear your comments! Hope you are all having a good sunny weekend! X