10 May 2014

What we wore today!

On our journey of learning to be bloggers, we have come across alot of people showing people 'what they wore today'. As we actually got dressed today and didn't wear our pyjamas, we thought this could be a good day to do one of those type of blogs. So, here it is….what we wore today! (Well, what the girls wore anyway!) 

Boots: Uggs (3 years old and knackered. Patches from EBAY)
Leggings: EBAY
Dress: H&M
Cardigan: EBAY

Leggings: Next
Dress: M&S
Cardigan: George
Hairclip: Sainsburys

So, there you have it…what we wore today! I'm sure we will be back in our pyjamas again soon. We only got dressed to do some shopping! X