14 May 2014

Warning…This post is dangerously full of 'Happiness'.

This post is about happiness and what has made me happy lately….mainly because I had alot of random photos to use up! So here we go…..

These chocolates we found at M&S. They smell like your nan, but taste amazing. 

Sunshine beaming through our bedroom window in the morning.

The fact we got our 'mole' a girlfriend in the form of a 'cow'. 

Living in a beautiful harbour. Yes, we know we are smug. We don't care. :)

Going on a lovely walk and seeing wild flowers everywhere.
Finding a wish!

My boots. I know they are knackered and have holes in but I don't care. I can't take them off. Ever.

Jim washing the car! 

Washing the car fun!

The fact that when Jim washed the car, we realised his tattoo matched the spray gun!

Shiny Car!

A knitted 'Flossy and Jim' have been created by a lovely lady called Jill! Thank you Jill! X
The fact I get to work with my best friend everyday!

OK….that's enough slush….next post will be about explosions, crime and bogeys. Hope you are happy in whatever you are doing and enjoying this beautiful sunshine! Bye for now! X