26 May 2014

This post contains a very furry face...

Today was day three of 'Brixfest' in Brixham. Today was especially for the children, which is always my favourite day! There is always so much to see and do on the beautiful 'Breakwater Beach'. 
This year was better than ever with loads of marquees and tents all beautifully decorated in bunting. Inside each tent were different activities including, 'make a boat', 'rare animals' and 'have a story with a mermaid!' There was also a man modelling balloons, a lady doing glitter tattoo's and lots of singing and dancing! I think the highlight of our day was seeing a baby meercat asleep inside a man's sleeve! 

A clay shark we found, overlooking the beach where kids 'Brixfest' was held...
Kids 'Brixfest' on the beach...
Fun tents with activities inside!
A giant millipede from South Africa! He was lovely but he didn't have a face…we checked.
'Boris' the bearded dragon
Balloons on the beach!
A baby meercat was asleep up a man's sleeve! Look at his little happy face!
Chicken on a beach! Cockadoodledoo!
We are thinking next year we need to get involved and maybe have a 'Flossy and Jim' event inside our happy yellow marquee…maybe a 'Paint the Beach Happy' event? What do you think? 

Happy Beach!
Whatever you are doing this bank holiday weekend, we hope you are having a good one! X