9 May 2014

This little Flossy went to Market…

Phew! We are cream-crackered here at Flossy and Jim's - we have been very busy! We are holding our very first market stall on Sunday, so we have been very busy getting all our merchandise and market equipment ready! We have a massive pile of stock in our dining room all ready to go, and today we practised putting up the marquee! Here are some 'behind the scenes' photos of what has been going on and some of the products we will be selling...

Our pile of 'Market'

Our PR girl! Mini Flossy! 

We are selling baby-grows!

Tote bags are also for sale...

Blank greeting cards will also be available!

Don't be a mug - buy one of ours!

Bling yourself up with our jewellery range!

Brighten your house with these framed prints...

Do you have an iPhone 5? Why not treat yourself to a new cover?

Wear some 'Flossy and Jim' fashion. Ooh la la!

We are very excited about the market but really nervous too! We've never done a market stall before and we feel a little bit like the new kids going to a new school. Hopefully it will all be good though. We are handing out free lollies and stickers as it is our first event, so if you are about, come and see us! We would love to see you! 

If you can't make it to the market, don't worry as all of our new products will be available next week from ETSY, EBAY and from our online shop at: www.flossyandjim.com!

Hope you have a great weekend whatever you are doing! X