21 May 2014

The day I felt like a 'Black Pudding'

Day three of no sugar…i'm still alive (and so is everyone else) Happy days! ;)

This post is a bit of a catch up from our weekend…we decided to go kayaking! Jim has been before quite alot, but I have never been, so decided it would be a good day to try it out! 

We loaded up the mini with Jim's kayak and everything was looking good. We decided to put on our wetsuits, then attach my kayak to the roof…then everything went a bit wrong. 

Firstly, never wear a wetsuit whilst trying to tie a kayak to your car, especially on a hot day. I swear I lost about five stone in sweat. Secondly, I don't think a mini would fit two kayaks on it's roof. Thirdly, don't try and organise yourself in full view of all your neighbours, whilst looking like a black pudding…it's just embarrassing (for you and them.) We were getting so hot and stressed as we only had a couple of hours before we had to be somewhere else. One of the kayaks then knocked our side view mirror off the mini, and that was the last straw. In a huff, we threw everything back in the house and melted on the carpet. 

Our mini adventure…or not.
After a cup of tea and a huff, we decided to jump on the scooter and go for a nice calm walk instead. We scooted to our 'happy place' at Berry Head Country Park.

About to be shot out of a canon?
More cheese Gromit?
We met a little bug on our walk! His little feet were so cute!
We also met some chickens!
More chickens!
Our shadows on the walk - why do I look like a washing up bottle?
Our budgie 'Pearl'
On our return back home, we were greeted by our free-range budgie 'Pearl', who was waiting for us at the window. This made us laugh. I think my budgie really looks like my nan. Funny budgie. X