7 May 2014

The blog post with alot of cake in it, although actually isn't about cake.

Hello! So today I'm going to tell you all about our bank holiday. (Are you sitting comfortably?) Well, as you would have seen from our video the other day, it was the 'Pirate Festival' in Brixham. There were hundreds of pirates gathered around the harbour and the town, all drinking, dancing, singing and generally having a very good time! There were loads of activities for children including shows, pirates juggling fire, mermaids, hair braiding and lots more! I do however think the festival is more an excuse for the grown ups to mess around and play! I lost count of how many men I saw play fighting with swords! It was a great success, and I can't wait till next year to do it all over again. Brixfest is in two weeks, so that should be another amazing weekend for Brixham! We feel very lucky to live in such a beautiful and amazing place. 

Pirate Scooter!

Pirate Selfie

The Golden Hind with pirates shooting (very loud) guns!

After being all 'piratey', we decided to go to 'Serendipity' cake shop in Torquay and have some cake. This cake shop is officially amazing. If you are ever in Torquay, you must pop in!  

The most amazing cake I have ever eaten. Ever.

On Sunday we went to 'BMAD' in Paignton, which is an event all about motorbikes. We had a good look at all the motorbikes, and watched some teenagers do some daredevil BMX bike tricks. There were alot of market stalls and fairground rides too. Jim purchased a very nice waistcoat, and I didn't buy anything. *Shock* Although I did make sure we stopped for another round of cake. 

Us in the mini on the way to BMAD.

On Monday, we sorted out the garden. That was boring.

So, what did YOU get up to!? X