11 May 2014

Our first day on the Market!

Today was our first day selling at our market stall! I was really nervous all last night, thinking silly thoughts like 'will everything fit in our mini', 'will the market people be nice?', 'do we have enough change?', 'what do we do if it rains?' I decided to have an early night and hope for the best. Anyway, this morning came, and everything did fit in the mini…even if we did look a bit like Mr Bean. As we drove down Brixham high street, everyone cheered and waved at us and were shouting, 'Here they are!'. The other market stall holders couldn't have been more lovely and welcoming. We managed to get our marquee up in the gale force wind and  even survived the torrential rain shower. We managed to get it all set up in about two hours, which we were quite pleased about for our first time! We sat down and celebrated with a nice brew! 

We had loads of lovely customers come over to say hi, and everyone was saying 'oooh look - thats Flossy and Jim! You know the people with the mini!' Haha! It made us laugh and we felt like celebrities (for about 5 seconds). We sold alot of our products, and every time someone brought something it was hard not to jump up and down like we had won the lottery. It was all very exciting. At lunchtime, we had some bacon butties and coffee from 'Millie and Me's - it was just what we needed to keep us going! Good bacon buttie skills Harry! 

In the afternoon it was really rainy and a bit rubbish, but just as we were getting a bit cold and fed up, a lovely man came and sat down opposite us and started playing the ukulele! It really lifted everyones spirits and we had a little dance! All the children were dancing in the puddles, and we gave out free lollies to all the wet people! It felt like the happiest place on earth! We kept giving the lovely man lots of lollies so he would keep playing! 

At four o'clock, it was time to pack up and put everything back in the mini. We met so many lovely people today, it was amazing! We can't wait to do it all over again! We hope you had a good weekend! X