22 May 2014

Me and You

Our blog today is in association with the 'Me and You' project...an insight into couples lives and relationships. 

If you read our blog, you probably have a very good idea about what our life is like and what we get up to, but we have never really spoken about our relationship as such…this is how I met Jim, and what our relationship is like...

We met at university…you were in the class next door and taught me about 'roobybooby tea'
You impressed me with your silk scarf collection...

I discovered you were my perfect shopping companion, and we both love vintage shopping!
You make riding public transport fun!
We can talk for hours…usually about weird things.
We both like to look at menu's…and eat nice food! You also taught me that 'curly wurlys' are not meant for breakfast. Oh.
Our second Christmas together, where we stayed in all day wearing our onesies!
Oh look…we are eating again….
You make me laugh. Alot. 
We sometimes shrink and end up in gigantic chairs…?
Oh look! We are eating…again...
Sometimes, we argue…like the night I wore too much fake tan and you told me so…and then I said you were racist…against orange people.
I still love you though…even when you 'borrow' my onesie.
My best friend.
Flossy and Jim!
So, that is our first post about 'You and Me'. So...how did you meet your partner? What's your story? We would love to know because we are very nosey indeed. X