30 May 2014

Help! We are stuck to the sofa!

Today we must admit, we have been lazy. Really lazy. A couple of days ago we brought ourselves a new tv, one of those tv's that are really flat. So, we are blaming the tv. We also decided to get Netflix. I didn't even know what Netflix was until my ten year old son told me, so I partly blame him too for our attack of 'lazy-itis'. We have stayed in all day watching 'Orange is the new black' - a tv series about  a woman who goes to prison, whilst the kids have been playing with their friends! Anyway…we thought we really should stop being so lazy (our bums had gone numb), so we decided to go rock-pooling with Kaitlin, and "get some vitamin D before we start walking like crabs" (Kaitlin's actual words). 

That was until the net broke….oops. 

It was nice to have a lazy day though…back to work tomorrow! X