27 May 2014

Happy Birthday!

Hello! How are you? We hope you are good and enjoyed your bank holiday! Today is a special day for us, as we have been in business as 'Flossy and Jim' for one year today! Time certainly does fly when you are having fun! We have decided to take a look back over the past year, to see what we got up to!

Happy Birthday Flossy and Jim!
We got our degree's!
We got our 'studio' (if you can call a desk under the stairs a studio?) ;)
We exhibited at 'D & A D', in Spitalfields Market, London
Our book 'The ExtraOrdinaries' (a children's book about Autism) was taken on by three separate publishers, who are all interested in publishing it!
We got our car branded…which led to lots of interest and commissions! *Fist Pump*
We got our 'muse' in the form of two budgies…every 'artist' needs a muse - what what!
We got work! One of our first clients was 'Megaspin' in Penzance, and our work ended up on a bus shelter!
We did some t.shirt designs for 'Shipmates' in Brixham! 
We also did character work for 'The Vintage Tea Traveller'
We have more commissions pending including a mural and sign writing work for 'I.Scream'
We made time to relax at the beach…but we just couldn't stop drawing...
We entered competitions and appeared on the 'Ohh Deer' website! We did pretty well with a high score! 
We finally got the hang of twitter! #gettingwithtechnology
With the help of 'Outset', we managed to launch our own range of merchandise including personalised pillowcases!
We also have other products including cups!
We managed to sell our products through several retailers including 'It's all about me'

…and 'Fab Little Shop'
We also set up our own shops online and in the form of a Market Stall!
This time next year we will be millionaires and living our dream on a canal boat!
So, that was our first year, and we feel we are just getting the hang of it! We have really enjoyed meeting some amazing people and doing some really interesting projects. We are really excited for our second year, and have lots of exciting new projects lined up! We can't wait to share it all with you! Thank you to all of our lovely blog readers, your support and lovely comments have made our first year all the more amazing, so thank you! Flossy and Jim, Over and Out! X