20 May 2014

Candy Flossy

My name is Flossy…I'm 34 years of age….and I'm addicted to sugar. (Seriously) This may sound a bit silly but I do actually think I might have a problem. I don't smoke, drink alcohol or do drugs and I like to think I live a pretty healthy life. I do however have a serious addiction of the sugar kind. Jim has recently given up alcohol (not that he even drank that much), but I have decided it is time to face my demons…and ditch the sugar *gulp*

I'm currently on day two of the no sugar bootcamp, (apparently it takes seven days to re-set a sugar addict) and I seriously feel like that bloke out of 'Trainspotting', when he comes off drugs. I've warned Jim, he may have to lock me in my bedroom while I scream, sweat out all the sugar and gurn at myself in the mirror.

I'm guessing this is what the 'Gates of Heaven' look like...
In times of desperation, I may lick this picture. Feel free to lick it too, if you are in the same predicament as me.
Mmm…happy smartie goodness
Bring back old smartie tops!

On a different note, does anyone remember the old style smartie tubes? When I was little I searched high and low for a smartie top with my initial on. I never got one. When they changed the packaging, the lids became extinct and I was quite upset by this. In a rage, I wrote to smarties and complained. I received a letter a week later apologising for my distress and they included my whole name written in smartie tops! How lovely was that! 

I'm off now to cook my tea - broccoli, asparagus and bacon cooked in garlic and olive oil. When you say that out loud it does sound better than a curly wurly (just.) 

Hope you had a good day and hopefully I'll see you on the other side! X