17 May 2014

A Day in Dawlish...

Hello! It's us again and we are reporting with sunny faces (literally), as the weather has been soooo lovely! We hope you have been enjoying the sunny weekend too. Today we had to go to Dawlish *sigh* - it's a hard life. It was absolutely beautiful. All the swans and ducks were out in force to say hello! On the way back from Dawlish we stopped at Labrador Bay and as luck would have it, there was an ice-cream van there. So, we had an ice-cream! Let's hope this weather continues….please Mr Sunshine! 

My face looks happy when it's sunny
Jim's face looks like this alot when I shove a camera in his face
Seagulls on the beach
Dawlish ducks in the shade

Dawlish white swans (didn't see any black ones?)
The mini at 'Labrador Bay'
Ice-cream Vaaaaan!
Elvis - stop looking at my ice-cream!