15 April 2014

Noseyhood Watch - Part One.

Hello and how are you? Hope you are feeling happy with all this lovely sunshine! Firstly, may we apologise for not posting last week. We decided to take an impromptu week off work and went on a road trip to see family and friends! We drove around 600 miles in total, and all in our little classic bumpy mini. Numb bums all around! Anyway, we will fill you in on the road-trip another time! 
This post is a sneak peek into our home. If you are anything like us, you are nosey and like to see into other peoples houses. We will be posting random sections of our home especially for you to be nosey at, without getting arrested or a restraining order! Enjoy! 
This week, we take a sneaky look in our kitchen. This is where Jim hangs out and cooks lovely food. I hate cooking. I just love eating. 

So there you go…our Jim's kitchen! Hope you enjoyed being nosey. We would have shown you the potatoes that have gone mouldy, but some things are best left to your imagination. See you very soon for some more exciting gossip from the land of Flossssssy and Jiiiiiim! *Said in a loud boomy x-factor type voice* X