26 April 2014

Meals on Wheels

The other day it was lovely and sunny so we decided to have a barbecue! We normally barbecue in the back garden, but our garden is so small and tiny it's not the best. Apparently, back in the early 1900's, the fishermen who lived in our house, and the house next door had a bet. Our old neighbour won the bet, and claimed half of our garden! We literally have a slither of garden! Enough for two chairs and a flower pot!

So…due to the tininess and awkwardness of our garden, we decided to have a barbecue on a nearby cliff! We packed up Jim's donky bike and headed off!

Jim and his fully loaded bicycle

The Barbecue in action!

Trawler boat coming home

Jim in barbecue action shot

After a 15 minute cycle through the harbour, we were there, at 'Berry Head' cliff! We had salmon and chicken, and it was beautiful! Jim is an amazing cook! We watched the trawler boats for a good hour, as they all came back to the safety of the harbour. We watched the seagulls follow them in, and the seal popped up to say hello too! Overall, it was a very successful barbecue! Just need the sunshine to keep shining and we can do it all over again! Hope you are having a sunny time too! X