24 April 2014

Birdy Bother...

Yesterday we had a curtain type nightmare. Our free range budgies decided to chew through the curtains and they were ruined. Our quick thinking (and lack of funds), inspired us on a thrifty mission! We had some old spanish throws in the cupboard so we decided to turn them into new curtains! A hour of dodgy sewing later and we have lovely new curtains!

This is us half way through the sewing excitement.

Our sewing skills. Boom!

Jim's concentrating face...

Ta Da! New curtains! Whoop! Whoop!

What do you think? We are pretty impressed with ourselves - we've never had hairy curtains before!

The new budgie cage! 

Now we have sorted the curtains, it's now time to sort those pesky budgies! They will now be re-homed into this parrot cage. We will let them out everyday for their flying lessons, but then they will have to go home. We can't be living in a world with chewed curtains and bird poo carpets anymore. They had their chance….they blew it. Now to try and catch them. (Wish us luck.) Bye for now! X