15 March 2014

The giant bogey type creature….

Wow! What a beautiful sunny week! Is Spring really on the way?! Everyone seems to have a smile on their face again, and people who we haven't seen for a while are popping out of their homes again. It feels as though everyone is coming out of hibernation. We actually saw a man on roller-skates earlier, wearing nothing but a pair of speedos and a pair of sunglasses. Unfortunately, he skated past too quick for a photo. (True story)


Pansies in Babbacombe

Brixham Marina

Breakwater Beach in Brixham (You can buy our stuff here!)

Brixham Harbour. We live in the blue house! Can you guess which one?

The creature we found on the beach, but ours was a bit greener.

We have been taking our lunch breaks this week walking to the beach. One day we saw a broken up boat being washed in. There was stuff all over the beach, broken wood, containers, fishing nets and other treasures. We also found a big green worm type creature sliming along the pebbles. It looked like a giant bogey. We later found out this could have been a sea cucumber. Oooh. Anyway, thats enough about us - what have you been up to in the sunshine? X