22 March 2014

All aboard our houseboat dream!

Everyone must have had that chat….'what would we do if we won the lottery?' We actually have this conversation quite alot, as we figured out, it is a good way to realise your future goals without putting the pressure on yourself to decide what your future goals are…sometimes you can achieve these goals without winning the lottery. (It will probably just take a bit longer.)
One of our big dreams is to own a houseboat.

The lady who lives on this houseboat is also an illustrator….(there is hope!)
What Flossy and Jim would look like if we lived on a boat (hopefully one day)
What we might look like living on a boat in a few years time...
Jim likes the idea of only owning a few items of clothes and when they get holes in, sew them up and carry on. He likes the idea of going out of the boat everyday and checking the engine oil and clearing out the filters, and running the boat everyday for hot water. I always start to dream about what cushions, teapots and curtains we would have…(the difference between boys and girls I guess!) I first went on a canal boat when I was about eight years old. It was on a school trip and the boat was pulled by a horse called 'Queenie'. I remember being told off as I was so excited I stuck my arms and head out of the window, shouting 'woohoo!', (just as a bridge was approaching.)

This was like the 'school trip' boat.

*Sigh* I'm off to buy a lottery ticket, and if that fails, i'm off to make a raft…with a teapot aboard. What are your big dreams? What would you do if you won the lottery?