28 March 2014

Green Legs and Music in Hawaii...

Yesterday was a very cold and rainy day. We stayed in the house all day working and drinking tea. We then decided we would try and mend our old radiogram! It has been sat in the window for months not doing anything. We had planned to fix it so that it played music again, but this was not meant to be. Apparently we are not clever enough to bring music back to life. We did however decide to sellotape an iPod into the back of it, so it could play music (in a fake way). Jim decided that this was not enough and decided he would also turn the radiogram into a Kitsch Hawaiian Lampshade. It's amazing! 

Radiogram Before

Trying to mend the Radiogram…eek

Radiogram After! Ta Dah!

Readers from our previous blog, will have heard about our 'green leg's. We purchased some rather lovely neon green legs from 'Little Camden' in Plymouth, and up-cycled them into a lampshade with twigs and light up flowers. Maybe we should go into the 'up-cycled lighting' business!? For now at least, our home is becoming brighter and brighter…and maybe a little bit odd.

Jim with the Green Legs outside 'Little Camden' in Plymouth

The Green Legs After! Ta Dah!

We received a letter through the post last week, that informed us our house had been selected by the BBC to appear on the 'Great Interior Design Challenge'! Maybe someone saw our lounge through the window! Watch this space! Hope you are all good and the weather is not too rainy where you are! X